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Jonathan Marquardt

I have loved selling since I opened my first lemon-aid stand in grade school.  When I graduated college, I opened a coffee shop in Madison, Wisconsin which eventually turned into two shops and a roastery.  Owning a business taught me an enormous amount about customer service and what it takes to make a success.  I joined YETI as a member of its first sales team in 2013 holding a few different leadership roles in HR, International Sales, B2B and Custom.  

I work with each of our portfolio brands as a contract general manager, head of sales and general.  Many of our clients are looking to expand from a DTC only business to a meaningful presence in the wholesale market.  While the way we shop has changed dramatically, the power of touch-see-feel to connect with a new customer hasn' has just evolved. 


As a consultant I bring ideas and excitement along with a dedicated focus to producing results.  I look forward to learning about your business and sharing how we can help you achieve your goals!

Jake Marquardt
Agent - WI/IL

I love the outdoors and enjoy spending time with family and friends!  

Since joining the Sales Collective I have been on the road making it happen and building relationships along the way.  Being part of this team is a great experience and I'm proud to represent a group of strong brands.

When I'm not on the road spreading the word...I enjoy skiing, hiking, camping, grilling out and spending time on the water.

Amy and Chris 
Manufacturing, branding, retail presence, DTC consulting

Chris Frangiosa and Amy Coen have partnered to form a powerful consulting team.  They have a vast knowledge in manufacturing, branding, retail presence and DTC and would be a huge asset to any startup or existing brand. 

Chris is a career retailer with a focus on the Outdoor Specialty Industry.  His knowledge spans across all aspects of retail including buying, branding, expanding retail presence and customer-facing strategies.  Chris believes that with hard work and the proper direction, any brand can succeed, and his passion lies in helping people achieve just that.

Amy brings a substantial background in product development, sourcing and outdoor lifestyle branding. She has owned an outdoor brand and worked in private label sourcing for Fortune 500 companies.  Amy has spent most of her career working in the outdoor market.  In addition, she also has extensive knowledge in buying for retail and creating stores targeted to do the most business possible.

Together, Chris and Amy bring a combined knowledge and the experience needed for building success.  They are motivated to help companies grow, and we are excited to have them be a part of The Sales Collective.

Rich Lientz
Agent - Florida

Rich brings a wealth of relationships and brand experience to the table.  He has strong ties in the surf/ lifestyle communities.  


He was most recently with YETI and an original member of the first YETI sales team starting in 2013.  


Andrew Bosway

Product Development


Andrew works full time as a development consultant in outdoor consumer products. He has an education in mechanical engineering and has worked with outdoor brands including Orvis, YETI, Tecovas, and 4ocean. Andrew’s strengths are in holistic go-to-market product development and management.


Sourcing, supply chain, manufacturing engineering, packaging, and commercialization are key deliverables for Andrew’s work.  Andrew is well networked with vendors domestically as well as across Asia and in South/Central America. Andrew works with world-class companies turning great ideas into great products. 

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