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We offer executive sales consulting services as well as access to a contract group of highly trained and industry proven sales professionals who will put your product in the right places to achieve your brand goals. 


Areas We Specialize:

-Brand and Go-To-Market strategy

-Sales training.  We have proven methods that achieve results.

 Talk to us about helping your team get to the next level.

-Product market analysis.  We are connected to some of the best retailers in the country, we are available on a project basis to assess the market for new and existing products.

-Amazon store success.  Let us help you build a sustainable and on-brand experience selling your products on Amazon.

-Wholesale account introduction and management.  We can put your products in the right doors and use our methods to ensure sell-thru.

Send us an email: to set up a free consultation and learn more about how we can help your business.

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